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Neville —

The media is changing, and fast. These days if you don’t tell your own stories someone else will – and let’s face it, Rupert often misses the important parts!

A strong Labor Party needs its own news service so our own community can get real news right from the horse’s mouth – and by that I don’t just mean politicians. Grassroots members, Labor supporters and our (reasonable) critics are all welcome to have their say on The Labor Herald.

Thanks to the faith of our generous donors, and the hard work of Alex and Ross who are our Labor Herald team, Labor’s digital news service is now alive and kicking.

News is published each weekday and I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it’s good enough to leave public debate in the hands of the mainstream media and the politicians.

That’s why I think it’s worth signing up for weekly updates or following on Facebook and Twitter for live updates. It’s a way you can join the conversation – whether it’s by submitting articles or just having that extra bit of information when you’re chatting with friends.

This is for those amongst us who speak up when they’re meant to be silent, for those willing to voice different ideas and for those brave enough to question the status quo – so sign up and then speak up!

And for taste of The Labor Herald, below are the most popular posts this month.

Skye Laris
Labor Digital Director


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