Turnbull’s True Colours

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Turnbull’s True Colours


Mark Butler via sendgrid.info 

4:20 PM (15 minutes ago)

to me
Neville,I wish the Liberals were as committed to action on climate change as they are to breaking promises.

“I will not lead a party who is not as committed to action on climate change as I am.”

That’s Communications Minister (and possibly your next Prime Minister) Malcolm Turnbull back in 2009. As you read this email, there are reports that Turnbull will ditch his so-called climate change convictions just to get the top job.

The Liberals’ farcical plan on climate change will be woefully ineffective. Key experts have said the government’s scheme will fall short of its target by over 300 million tonnes and cost twice as much as is budgeted. On top of that investment in the renewables has fallen by nearly 90 per cent, due to Tony Abbott’s attacks on the industry.

Despite that, Malcolm Turnbull is selling out his principles and signing up to the Liberals’ ineffective climate change plan in exchange for the job he’s always believed should be his.

If you can’t trust Malcolm Turnbull on climate change, you can’t trust him on anything. His promises are as useless as Tony Abbott’s.

Whether it’s Tony Abbott, Julie Bishop or Malcolm Turnbull, the Liberals will say anything and do anything to look after themselves.

Can you help make sure your friends and family know Malcolm Turnbull’s true colours by sharing this Facebook video with them today?


If we want Australia to take effective action on climate change, we don’t need to change Liberal leaders — we need to change the government.

Thanks for your support,

Mark Butler
Shadow Minister for the Environment

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