US eyes off Alaskan Oil


With the fight to pry open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge having stalled out
(at least for the time being), the oil and gas industry and its cronies
in Congress are now focused on parts of the outer continental shelf
(OCS) that have been off-limits to drilling for nearly 25 years.
Escalating energy prices and the ever-louder drum beat for energy
independence are helping drilling proponents make their case.

Coastal states are in a drill pickle.

Coastal states are in a drill pickle.
Photo: iStockphoto.

Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have released a battery
of initiatives in recent weeks that would green-light new offshore oil
and natural-gas drilling projects on the OCS, which extends off the
U.S. coastline from three to 200 miles. The Bush administration and
some state lawmakers are lending a hand, too.

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