US officials consider burning oil slick

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US officials consider burning oil slick

Posted 25 minutes ago

Officials say they may set fire to a vast oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico to prevent what could become one of the worst ecological disasters in US history.

A BP oil rig exploded and sank last week and the equivalent of at least 1,000 barrels of oil are flowing from a leaking well each day.

The oil slick is now approaching the ecologically fragile coast of Louisiana.

US Coast Guard spokeswoman Connie Terrell says so far they are not having any luck sealing the leaks.

“We have a remotely operated vehicle down there that is trying to pump some liquid in there, some hydraulic fluid and build pressure to close a hydraulic valve,” she said.

“To date they haven’t been able to do that. We had a drill rig come on board and they’re planning to possibly drill a relief well.”


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