Vehicle scrappage scheme drives down emissions of new cars

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Everitt said:

“The industry is well on its way to meeting EU regulatory targets of a 130g/km fleet average by 2015, but the current rate of improvement must be maintained.”

“Building consumer awareness and delivering effective mechanisms to influence buying behaviour through a long-term environmental tax regime, and the government’s recent ultra-low carbon incentive scheme, will become increasingly important.” Last month the Guardian revealed that only two electric cars – an £87,000 sports car and £25,000 four-seater Mitsubishi – would be available from the start of the ultra-low carbon incentive scheme.

The Mini sector had the lowest average emissions last year – dropping 6.7% to 115.6g/km. Luxury car models – which averaged 250.3g/km last year – were the worst pollutants, although emissions in this sector were down 6% on 2008.