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to me
NEVILLE —We did it. Minh’s visa has been reinstated and he’ll be returning to Australia on Friday. It’s all thanks to you and 89,000 others who signed the petition. Thank you so much.

When Minh’s visa was cancelled, mid-recovery from being bashed by neo-nazis and with a year left to finish his degree – I was devastated for him. I didn’t know if Minh would ever be able to return. They gave him a 3-year ban.

But that’s all changed now. I started this petition on out of desperation, and thousands of you helped. 89,000 of you. It’s incredible. And with coverage in The Age, ABC’s 7.30, Herald Sun, – Scott Morrison was forced to respond on national TV.

That’s when it all turned around. Consular officials started helping Minh, we got pro-bono legal help from migration lawyer David Bongiorno – and late on Friday evening we got word that his visa has been re-instated. 

You can read more and share the great news with this article on The Age here.

This wouldn’t have happened without your help. This really is a win for people power. Now Minh can return to continue his recovery from that brutal bashing, and finish his studies.

From Minh and I, we can’t thank you enough.

All the best,


P.S. I didn’t know what would happen when I started this petition, but the support blew us away. I’d really recommend starting a petition if there’s an issue you think needs changing. Here’s the link I found where to start

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