Yvette Adams reveals tech trends on Wednesday

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Networker, guru and advocate for small business, Terri Cooper, was at West End’s Loft for the SW Chamber of Commerce, February breakfast. Westender caught up with her for a quick chat about the need for real advocacy on behalf of small business.

Yvette Adams
Yvette Adams is ICT Woman of the Year and guest speaker at breakfast on Wednesday

Terri’s next business breakfast is at Red Hill on Wednesday, 26thFebruary featuring ICT (Information Communications Technology) Woman of the Year for Australia, Yvette Adams. Yvette will share the Top 10 Social Media and Technology Trends for 2014 that you MUST be aware of.

Find out more about:

  • which social media networks you should be spending your time in building up
  • cloud computing
  • Time saving apps and programs
  • wearable technology
  • how the internet will run our lives
  • 3D printing

Full details at http://www.terricooper.com.au/brisbane-breakfast.html

Terri is concerned that most business groups and political parties claim to support small business but end up listening to big business that has the money to lobby them.

Small business is the engine that drives innovation and that keeps the economy ticking over regardless of the macro economic circumstances. Governments spend billions of dollars trying to keep big business operating here instead of moving off shore only to see those billions, and the billions of dollars of profit those companies subsequently make, go to international investors and tax havens.

In the meantime, small business keeps producing the money that keeps the local economy going. Small business is also a member of the community, employs locals and nurtures the community in which it operates.

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