Community concerns over wind turbines


Visual amenity, noise and shadow flicker: In a section on the social challenge, the AGO, part of the Department of Environment and Heritage, said visual amenity, noise and shadow flicker were among the aspects of wind farm development which affected local residents.

Unrelated and entrenched views: The debate on the effects on local residents was often characterised by unrelated and entrenched views. Those who valued the aesthetics of their local area were at one end of the spectrum and those who valued the working or economic aspects of the locality at the other.

Consensus difficult on landscape value: The discussion paper said landscape value was an issue where it was difficult to achieve consensus. The value that people placed on landscape was subjective.

Assessments often do not tackle issue: While many areas were universally recognised for their landscape values, local communities often highly valued their own locality, irrespective of any wider recognition. In most instances landscape assessments did not tackle the issue of what the impacts meant and to whom.

Clear need for better information: The discussion paper said that when dealing with quantifiable impacts such as noise or shading there was a clear need for better information in the community to inform debate.

Reference: Discussion paper on “National Code for Wind Farms” by Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) of the Department of the Environment and Heritage released on 3 May 2006. Address: John Gorton Building, King Edward Terrace, Parkes. ACT. 2600. GPO Box 787, Canberra. ACT. 2601. Phone: (02) 6274 1888.

Erisk Net, 4/5/2006

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