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Vote now: Newcastle’s coal poll


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Dear friends,

Newcastle’s visionary decision to divest from fossil fuels has exploded onto the national stage.

Can you take five seconds to vote in this Fairfax poll, and show your support for divestment? (scroll down the page to find the poll)

This morning, Prime Minister Tony Abbott came out hard attacking Newcastle City Council’s decision to divest from fossil fuels.* Home to the biggest coal port in the world, Newcastle’s divestment has been championed by a council working to diversify the community’s economy away from coal, mirroring the actions of leaders across the globe.

But this act of leadership has come under attack from the coal lobby and conservative politicians. Some have even launched personal attacks on the Councillors who voted in favour of divestment. Now a poll in The Newcastle Herald gives us the chance to show those leading this attack that they are out in the cold, and that the community stands with Newcastle.

The poll is a yes or no question – do you support divestment? Click here to vote.

Polls like this give decision-makers a quick temperature check about how the community would vote on an issue. This is our chance to show the Newcastle City Council that there is overwhelming support for their decision to divest. This is also a chance to show the politicians who are attacking Newcastle that if they value their elected seat, then they better change their tune.

Vote here. Half way down the article.


Isaac for Australia

PS: Help spread this poll by sharing‘s graphic here.

*Tony Abbott hits out at Newcastle City Council coal divestment move, Newcastle Herald, 27th August.

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