WA books 50MW of green power


Employment boost: Mr Mitchell said if a successful tender was chosen, the construction and operation of the project would also provide ongoing sustainable skilled employment opportunities.

Wide spectrum of technologies canvassed: “The project tender will choose from technologies ranging from wind, biomass and a range of other technologies to enable Synergy to source more environmentally friendly electricity. Synergy is strongly committed to growing the renewable energy sector,” Mr Mitchell said.

Established renewables welcome too: “While this tender is for new renewable energy developments, we are also open to approaches from existing renewable energy generators for supply outside this tender process.”

Information about Synergy’s renewable tender process is available on Synergy’s website at http://www.synergyenergy.com.au Contact: Andrew Gaspar, ph: 9326 6355.

Reference: Media release: “Synergy seeks to increase renewable energy”, Synergy.

Erisk Net, 3/10/2006

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