Who killed the electric car?


Even some of the Prime Minister’s own backbenchers – Wilson Tuckey, Fiona Nash, Kay Hull and Jackie Kelly – want the Government to look at alternative fuels, reported The Daily Telegraph (8/8/2006, p.19).

Tuckey touts hydrogen: Tuckey, a West Australian MP, believes hydrogen is the answer. "I’m significantly disappointed with our Government," Tuckey told The Daily Telegraph. "The Government and its energy department are carbon-centric and they are not doing sufficient work in Australia to equip future generations with an alternative fuel."

CSIRO boffin sees auto power from water: CSIRO chief research scientist Dr Sukhvindar Badwal agrees and has researched new ways to power cars because "we are running short of liquid fuel". Badwal has developed a device that can run on mains power or from a solar panel that generates hydrogen from water and could power a family car for up to 150km. While he doesn’t think the world will ever run out of oil, he does believe prices will rise.

Electric cars recall mystery: Chris Paine last week appeared on a US talk show to discuss his documentary Who Killed The Electric Car? When electric cars were built in California, Paine bought one to see what it was like. The car could be plugged into the home garage. When he took the car in to get a new brake light and called the car manufacturer to find out if repairs were completed, he was told: "We took it back."

Electric car crunch: In fact, the manufacturer took all the cars back. Chartering a helicopter, Paine flew over General Motors headquarters in Arizona and saw the cars being crushed in the desert.

The Daily Telegraph, 8/8/2006, p.19

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