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Who’s got the goods for NSW solar?


Claire, Solar Citizens

12:13 PM (2 minutes ago)

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The New South Wales state election is fast approaching and both sides of politics are touting rooftop solar as the energy source of the future.

Late last year NSW Environment Minister Rob Stokes said “When it comes to clean energy, [NSW] can be Australia’s answer to California,”* and just this week Opposition Leader Luke Foley said the electricity network of the future would feature consumers generating and storing their own power.**

We couldn’t agree more. But before the people of NSW cast their votes on March 28 we need to see their policies in full, so we can lock in a strong solar future for our State. Can you use our easy tool to send a message to the two Party leaders, Mike Baird and Luke Foley, asking them for firm policy commitments on NSW solar?

Last week we wrote to the leaders of each major party asking them where they stand on 6 key solar issues for NSW, the issues you’ve told us are important (read our questions in full here):

  1. No discriminatory solar fees
  2. A fair price for solar fed into the grid
  3. Reverse auctions to boost community and large-scale solar
  4. Trial solar storage
  5. A smarter NSW power grid
  6. Stand up for solar jobs and protect the Renewable Energy Target

We’ve heard back from some parties but we need your help to get policy commitments from the two biggest players – the Government and the Opposition. Can you take 5 minutes to send a message to the party leaders asking them where they stand on these 6 key solar issues?

Once we have policy commitments in writing we’ll send you our Election Scorecard, laying out the parties’ responses so you can make an informed choice on March 28th.

In the recent Queensland election we put pressure on the major parties to respond to our policy asks and pushed the incoming Labor government to make positive solar announcements which we can now hold them to.

But it only works if we all take action to remind the candidates just how important solar is to us and to the future of NSW can you send a message to the major party leaders using our easy tool?

NSW has great solar potential but we need the incoming government to nail down plans for a sun-powered future. Together we can make that happen.

Yours for a strong solar future,

Claire O’Rourke, National Director

Claire O'Rourke, National Director

P.S. Elections are the time when politicians are most responsive to what the electorate wants. Can you ask the party leaders, Mike Baird and Luke Foley, to firm up their policy commitments on solar by sending a message using our easy tool?



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