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Will you come to the People’s Climate March?


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This morning, after months of dragging its heels, our government finally announced how much it’s willing to cut pollution over the next few decades. It’s the same old story. The big polluters. The government doublespeak. The empty promises.

Enough is enough.

You know how they say ‘If you see something, say something’?

Astronomer Carl Sagan urges, “If you see something about the planet that you’d like to change, do something. You’ve been given the gift of being right here, right now. Make the most of it. Carpe that diem, folks.”

Friends, this is the moment. This is the time. Let’s seize the day. 

In the last weekend of November, will you help create the biggest mobilisation the world has ever seen?  We’re taking to the streets, in Australian capital cities and across the world, to demand action.

Pollution reduction targets exist because most of the world agrees, to keep global warming at below 2 degrees, all countries must massively cut pollution and grow clean energy.

But right now, Australia is part of the problem, not the solution. 

Our new pollution targets are woefully inadequate. While countries across the globe are leaping towards 100% clean energy, Australia is not even trying. We’re aiming to cut our pollution by just 26 to 28%. (The target’s actually 19%, but the government’s trying to make it look better with some figure fudging).

Our government seems determined to keep our economy handcuffed to last century’s energy sources – coal and gas. Have they no faith in our ability to innovate, adapt and create a better future?

See something you want to change?

Millions of Australians want change. Polling just yesterday showed that seventy per cent of us want our country to transition from coal to clean energy, and the vast majority of us are deeply worried our government is underestimating the importance of global warming.

We care deeply. But our government’s not listening.

Let’s seize the day. Come to the People’s Climate March!

We, the people, come from all walks of life. We will gather in capital cities across Australia to demand action. We will march alongside millions of people in hundreds of major cities around the world, at the same time as Australian politicians meet global leaders to negotiate how to really address global warming.

When: 27-29 November

Where: In capital cities across Australia

Find out more: Sign up to our mailing list and we’ll be in touch soon.

Will you help make our movement so big, diverse and beautiful, we cannot be ignored?

We are marching because we know we can change the world when we work together.

Will you come? www.action.org.au/Peoples-climate-march

I hope to see you there,


Kelly O’Shanassy
Australian Conservation Foundation

PS. Read our full coverage of what the government’s targets announcement mean for Australia.

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