Wingate keeps Payce at Absoe

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Absoe site vision
Artists impression of the Absoe site with a park along Boundary St

Wingate Developments is responsible for pulling together the development concept at Absoe.

The property developer moved into the Absoe Building in February this year and has been working hard to pull together the bits and peices required to finalise the sale, and commence community consulation.

Wingate director, Stephen Williams is keen to see a development consistent with West End’s values.

Given the size of the development, its prominence and the huge potential for a high profile outcome, the company has been very keen to see it go ahead.

Sydney based developer Payce Consolidated confirmed its purchase of the site for $42 million earlier this week.

West End Community Association has expressed concerns that the proposed parkland along Boundary Street be maintained and is inviting residents to complete a survey designed to test the feelings of the community. WECA has described the proposed 1500 apartments as an ambit claim.

Councillor Helen Abrahams has called on the developer to respect the intent and the letter of the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan.

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