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Women half of future appointments?


Renee, Fair Agenda <info@fairagenda.org>

11:00 AM (12 minutes ago)

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Fair Agenda
This weekend Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that women will make up at least half of all future appointments to paid government board and court positions in the state.

It’s a fantastic commitment. And it should be the norm, not an exception. It’s time this policy was adopted across all Australian states and territories. Can you join the call for other Premiers and Chief Ministers to make the same commitment?

Victoria’s announcement has already attracted bi-partisan support, with opposition leader Matthew Guy saying the 50% appointments policy should “also be looked at for non-paying boards as well.”

This commitment is significant in its own right; but has the power to have ramifications beyond government, with Premier Andrews stating that “what I’ve announced today will mean that by the end of 2018, no director of an ASX 200 company will be able to look me in the eye and tell me there aren’t enough women in our state who are qualified to join them.”

Can you help show the Premiers and Chief Ministers of the other states and territories that voters are looking to them to match this commitment? Sign your support now at:


Thanks for all you do,

Renee for Fair Agenda

1. Women guaranteed at least 50% of jobs on Victorian government boards, The Guardian, 28 March 2015.

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