World Water Conference This Month


Strategy of the World Water Week

The aim of the World Water Week in Stockholm is to serve, on an annual basis, as the main arena for an exchange of views and experiences between members of the scientific, business, policy and civil society communities in order to advance efforts related to water, the environment, livelihoods and poverty reduction.

The World Water Week in Stockholm:

  • Builds capacity for different professions to act and to affect positive change by facilitating for them an increased knowledge and a deeper understanding of the links between water-society-environment-economy

  • Promotes partnerships and alliances between individuals and organisations from different fields of expertise in an inspiring atmosphere which offers ample opportunity for making new contacts and strengthening existing relationships

  • Reviews the implementation of actions, commitments and decisions in international processes and by different stakeholders in response to the challenges.

By serving as a link between practice, science, policy and decision making, the World Water Week moves beyond simply talking about what is and what should be by combining different types of knowledge and experiences to achieve development objectives in a worthwhile manner.
As a backdrop, the World Water Week’s basic perspective is global, but it also acknowledges that there are similarities and differences between regions of the world, phases of development, political systems and climatic conditions. The World Water Week in Stockholm also serves as a venue for the awarding of distinguished prizes and honours. In doing so, the Week focuses attention on outstanding
efforts and raises awareness of different water and development issues.

A World Water Week in Stockholm niche is selected and followed for a range of years. The present niche (2003–2007) is ”Drainage Basin Security: Prospects for Trade offs and Benefit Sharing in a Globalised World.” The sub-theme for 2006 is “Beyond the River – Sharing Benefits and Responsibilities”
and offers participants the opportunity to learn more about – and to contribute to – solutions to one of
the most significant development and environmental challenges that the world has to come to grips with. Workshops and special Poster Sessions will be organised where selected abstracts will be presented. Seminars and side events will feature invited speakers and participants will present their
views and experiences. Special attention will be devoted to highlight concrete work that matters for the poor, for the environment and for our common future.

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