WSPA campaigns for Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare


WSPA’s history-making Animals Matter campaign for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare by the United Nations is progressing faster than organisers anticipated.

In the 4/7/07 newsletter to WSPA subscribers: `In a major milestone for the Declaration, the WSPA last month secured the support of Chief Veterinary Officers from 169 countries. Showing amazing unity and commitment, they passed a resolution officially recognising that the time has come to protect billions of animals from cruelty, exploitation and neglect.’

Declaration on Animal WelfareThe Declaration will achieve global recognition that animals matter. That they can feel pain and can suffer and that all of us – from individuals to governments – have a responsibility to put an end to cruelty around the world.

The support of the Chief Veterinary Officers brings the Declaration closer to a resolution by the UN that it will help protect all animals, everywhere.

In more good news, the Animals Matter petition in support of the Declaration has just passed the 500,000 signature mark. To add your signature to the petition and be part of animal welfare history. click here.

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