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Dear friends,

While the Federal Government continues to attack action on climate change, local governments are leading the way by moving their money away from fossil fuels.

Just this week, we’ve seen huge steps. Last weekend, the ACT Government committed to divest.[1] The irony of our federal politicians arguing about climate inaction in a Territory free of fossil fuel investments is definitely not lost on us. Then on Tuesday night, Newcastle, home to the world’s largest coal port, voted to divest from fossil fuels too.[2]

Could your council be the next to join this movement? Click here to learn more.

Right now, an attack led by the coal lobby and conservative politicians is calling on Newcastle to “revoke” their divestment decision. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has come out on the attack. Some have even launched personal attacks on the local government leaders who voted in favour of divestment. The most important way we can support these local leaders is to build the movement in our own communities.

Many of our local governments’ most ambitious divestment steps have followed concerted community encouragement. As divested councils get lambasted by vested interests for making the right decision, now is when we need our communities to be calling on their councils to join the global divestment movement.

Click here for information about how you can encourage your council to go fossil free.

If enough local governments begin to move away from fossil fuels, our Federal Government will be forced to catch up, or be left out in the cold. With the 2016 election looming on the horizon, now is the time we need to be calling for this local leadership most.

Here’s to local leaders moving Australia beyond fossil fuels and building a brighter future.

Isaac for Australia

PS: Several local governments have already divested. Those include: Moreland, Fremantle, Marrickville, Goomalling, Leichhardt, Lismore, the ACT Government, and Newcastle (who are standing strong, despite the attacks). Could yours be next?

[1] ACT Government to divest from fossil fuels and target 100% renewable energy, Business Spectator, 24 August. Share the news here.

[2] Newcastle, home of coal, joins fossil fuel divestment push, Sydney Morning Herald, 26 August. Share the news here.

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