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You’re not imagining it


Amanda McKenzie – CEO, Climate Council via 

3:24 PM (1 hour ago)

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Dear Inga,

Our latest report is in, and the findings are startling: from Australia to Austria and even Finland, 2014 smashed heat records around the world. Globally, last year was the hottest year ever in recorded history.

Just take a moment to let that sink in.

Unfortunately, the important stories often get drowned out in the news cycle – but this is one story that we need to keep on telling. Click on this infographic to share this news – because the world needs to know what’s happening:

Hottest Year Infographic

Your parents, your co-workers, that out-of-touch uncle, the friends who don’t pay much attention to climate change – they all need to hear that it’s not just their imagination, a few unseasonably warm days or freak bushfires.

This is a long-term, scientifically-evidenced trend – 2014 is the 38th consecutive year with above average global temperatures.

We are now half way through the decade for critical action to turn things around, and getting information like this out there on people’s radar is absolutely critical.  Let’s make sure this infographic appears in everyone’s newsfeed on Facebook this week; or click to share it on Twitter.

Thanks so much,

Amanda McKenzie

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