97 yr-old water main bursts; over 120,000L of water flooded into Brisbane’s Eagle St


6 hr repair job: The main burst in Eagle St, outside the new
Riparian Plaza development, about 4am, gushing water across nearby
streets. Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman said council workers were
at the site by 5am but took six hours to repair the pipe and longer
still to fix the surrounding road.

120,000L lost: More than 120,000 litres flooded out of the water
main in the meantime, which Cr Newman said was “roughly half the
average consumption of a Brisbane home” over a year.

Problem was unavoidable: The 6-inch (15cm)-wide pipe, which
dated to 1908, burst because of corrosion, but Cr Newman said the
problem was unavoidable and defended the council’s maintenance plan.
“We have 6200km of pipes in this city and we replace about 6km every
year,” he said.

The Courier Mail, 29/11/2005, p. 8

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