ERA wants to see prices for residential wastewater services gradually decoupled from property values


Inclining tariff supported: In one of its key conclusions in the
executive summary of its final report into water and wastewater pricing
in Western Australia, the ERA said these wastewater prices should be
determined as an inclining tariff.

Part retention of charging according to capacity to pay: Such an approach would increase transparency while partly retaining the principle of charging according to capacity to pay.

How usage charges should be structured: The ERA also said that
prices for water services should be structured so that usage charges
were set at levels to reflect the estimated cost of developing new
water resources to meet water demand.

Reference: Final report of first inquiry by Economic Regulation
Authority (ERA) of Western Australia into water and wastewater pricing
in Western Australia. 30 November. Address: Level 6, Governor Stirling
Tower, 197 St Georges Terrace. Perth. WA. 6000. GPO Box 8469, Perth
Business Centre. WA. 6849. Phone: (08) 9213 1900. Fax: (08) 9213 1999.

Erisk Net, 4/12/2005, p

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