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The John James newsletter sources information that the mainstream news deliberately ignores. The Generator checks, vets and provides sources for selected articles from John James’ feed.

Ancient stone mask identifies Neolithic farm site

Geoff Ebbs /9 December, 2018

Sources: Live Science, John James Newsletter, National Geographic The most recent of the 15 Neolithic masks found in the world came from a farm in the West Bank near the Dead Sea. The mask probably was brought to the surface by agricultural activities that disturbed the soil. The field is full of Neolithic artefacts, indicating that Continue Reading →

John James Newsletter

The John James Newsletter  263

JohnJames /8 December, 2018

The accumulation of heating the earth leads to this ………….. Between 2014 and 2016, emissions remained largely flat, leading to hopes that the world was beginning to turn a corner.

The John James Newsletter  256

JohnJames /27 November, 2018

They know no limits. They have never abided by the norms of society and never will. We pay taxes—they don’t. We work hard to get into an elite university or get a job—they don’t.

John James Newsletter

The John James Newsletter  257

JohnJames /27 November, 2018

We can’t get there obeying Constitutional theory and law crafted by slave masters, imperialists, corporate controllers, and Nature destroyers.