CO2 dump planned for WA reef


Joint control: Scott Reef inner waters come under the rule of the Western Australia Government. The waters around it, were under a Commonwealth exploration lease. Film-maker, Richard Costin, from Kimberly Wilderness Photography of Broome, told Gas Week, “They want to do geosequestration – CO2 dumps; pump their CO2 back down". Costin was concerned superheated water discharged into the reef that would damage the reef; and understood this was to be a gigalitre an hour at the well head: “that will change the ecology of that reef’, he said.

Fish profits V LNG profits: By arrangement with the Indonesian government the Indonesian fishermen were allowed to fish Scott reef – however Woodside told Costin it planned to ban fishing and re-seed the reef with Trochus. Costin said Indonesian fisherman would then have to have to go somewhere else This would require compensation or a new fishing location provided for prawns and trochus, he said. Scott as also inside the Northern Prawn area. Scott Reef Joint Venture Partners were Woodside Petroleum Ltd., BHPP (North-West Shelf), BP Developments Australia Ltd., Chevron Asiatic Ltd. and Shell Development (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

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