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Imagine if they quit!


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Last month, the Commonwealth Bank took an important step when they quit their involvement with Adani’s Galilee Basin mega coal mine. But if we want a safe future, we need CommBank to go further and quit all coal.

Thanks to your pressure, right now CommBank is reviewing their investments in all fossil fuels, ahead of their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on November 17.

Click here to tell CommBank to commit to quit all coal at their AGM.

If we raise our voices now, creatively and en masse, we could get CommBank to quit coal. Imagine that. One of the biggest Australian investors in fossil fuels, ruling out coal for good – the dirtiest and most dangerous fossil fuel of them all.

Globally, investors are moving their money out of coal because they recognise its enormous risks. Coal is dangerous – responsible for 800,000 deaths annually.[1] And it’s dirty – the leading contributor to runaway climate change.

Tell CommBank to join the global movement of investors who are quitting coal now!

CommBank is a major lender to Australian coal – having provided over $4.3 billion in loans to coal projects since 2005.[2] If they quit coal, we’d be a huge step closer to a safer climate and healthier communities.

When CommBank quit Galilee coal, it showed that, by working together, we can take on some of the largest corporations and dirtiest fossil fuels – and win. Now it’s time for the next step.

Write a message to CommBank today and together let’s show that Australians everywhere expect our largest and oldest bank to back a clean energy future by quitting coal for good.

As a movement, we’re winning ground. Let’s keep pushing onwards!

Charlie for the Australia team

[1] EndCoal

[2] BankTrack is building a global climate movement.You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and become a Climate Defender and donate monthly to help keep Australia’s fossil fuels in the ground.

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