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Let’s save Bulga from Rio Tinto


John Krey, Bulga savebulga@fastmail.fm via sendgrid.info 

12:17 PM (25 minutes ago)

to me
Dear Neville —

From the residents of Bulga in the Hunter Valley, thank you!  By signing our Bulga Declaration you – and thousands of other people – have joined the struggle to save our town from Rio Tinto’s planned Warkworth coal mine expansion.

We’ve been trying to stop the mine for the past five years. We’ve beaten it in court – twice. But Rio won’t take no for an answer, and sadly, our state government is working hand-in-glove with the company to undo all our work, change the laws, and approve the mine.

On our own, we can’t save our town. Fortunately, we’re not alone. We’ve joined with Wonnarua traditional custodians and Hunter wine industry groups, and thousands of people like you are standing with us. Together, we can win. We’ve got big plans this year, and some events coming up soon that we hope you can be a part of.

Taking the Bulga Declaration to Sydney
On Monday 20th April, we’re taking the Bulga Declaration to Sydney. We’ll hold a rally outside the office of the new Planning Minister, Rob Stokes, and we’ll send a delegation in to deliver him our Declaration. Minister Stokes has the power to stop Rio’s new mining application being approved, and that’s what we’ll be asking him to do. We need a big show of support in Martin Place! Can you join us at 11am, Monday 20th April? Can you spread the word? Check out and share the Facebook event here.

Training for Peaceful Direct Action
Peaceful direct action is a powerful tool used by communities around Australia desperate to protect their land, water, and people from coal mining. There will be a peaceful direct action training workshop in the Bulga Hall on 9th May to learn all about it, and our supporters in Sydney are running a similar one on 19th April. We encourage you to get along to one of these great events:

  • University of Technology, Sydney: Sunday 19th April, 9am. RSVP here, and share the Facebook event.
  • Bulga Hall: Saturday 9th May, 10am. RSVP here.

We’ll have plenty more exciting events to invite you to in the weeks months ahead. 2015 is the critical year in the Battle for Bulga. We’re very glad you’ll be a part of it.

Thanks again,
John Krey, Bulga Milbrodale Progress Association.

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