Liberals investigate nuclear energy


Federal Education Minister Brendan Nelson and Industry Minister lan
Macfarlane have put a formal proposal to the Prime Minister for a $1
million study on the viability of a home-grown nuclear power industry,
according to The Australian Financial Review (28 November 2005, p.3).

We must seriously consider home-grown nuclear power: “We can’t
responsibly dig… 30 per cent of the world’s uranium out of the ground,
export it overseas and allow some 440 reactors to operate and expand in
other parts of the world and not seriously consider this as an option
for ourselves,” Dr Nelson told Channel 9’s Sunday program.

Full examination necessary: Nelson and Macfarlane had called for
a full examination of developing a nuclear power industry to be carried
out by the Australian Academy of Science in collaboration with other
academies, he said.

The Australian Financial Review, 28/11/2005, p. 3

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