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Climate Friendly make Green Power available nationally through
Climate Friendly is a new wave company which makes Green
Power available nationally using a web interface and also directly to
the corporate sector. Customers can choose between Climate Neutral
products such as Emerald (which uses 100% accredited Green Power),
Green (25% accredited Green Power) and Economy (10% accredited Green

Climate Friendly to buy RECs to match customers energy
While Climate Neutral customers continue to purchase
electricity from their standard electricity supplier, Climate
Friendly will purchase and surrender the equivalent number of Green
Power Rights and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from eligible
generation sources to meet the customer’s electricity consumption.
The net result is identical to purchasing Green Power from an
electricity supplier.

Port Kembla’s new Green Power generator to power 1500 homes:The
Port Kembla 0.5MW Wave Energy Plant located 200m east of the eastern
breakwater in Port Kembla, NSW, was granted Green Power approval in
September 2005. Since Green Power accreditation was granted, a
full-scale ocean trial of the Energetech wave energy device has taken
place at Port Kembla, and a proportion of this power has also been
used to produce desalinated water on-board the device. Results from
the latest trial are positive, and indicate the technology is capable
of producing more power and fresh water than has previously been
claimed. Based on the recent test results, a full scale project
should power up to 1500 homes, or produce three million litres of
water per day per production unit.

Energy Australia partnership adds to Green Power portfolio:
A newly formed partnership between EnergyAustralia Pty Ltd and
International Power Pty Ltd, called EA-IPR Retail Partnership, is a
new participant in the National Green Power Accreditation Program.
Trading as EnergyAustralia, electricity and gas retailer in Victoria
and South Australia, the partnership has added to EnergyAustralia’s
Green Power product portfolio. EnergyAustralia’s Green Saver product
is 12.5% accredited Green Power and was launched on 5 September 2005
to provide residential customers with a new Green Power accredited
energy option. EnergyAustralia will also shortly be launching a new
commercial Green Power product called Green@Work
for its Commercial and Industrial customers in Victoria and South

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