Milne hopes for carbon price compromise

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Senator Milne has welcomed the changed approach, and says she had a useful meeting with the new Climate Change Minister Greg Combet.

She told the 7:30 Report she used the meeting with Mr Combet to talk about introducing a carbon price.

“It was my first opportunity since he was sworn in as Minister to sit down and talk with him about the whole issue of climate change, about renewables, energy efficiency and the carbon price,” she said.

“They are things that he’s nominated publicly as things he wants to really progress.”

She says no particular party won a mandate on climate change policy.

“The advantage of this committee with experts means that you can talk about what is right, what is wrong with that position, what would work, what would not work,” she said.

“Out of that, we hope to get a situation where we end up with a carbon price.”

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