NSW resists rainwater tanks

The Iemma Govt is refusing to "Splash out on Water Tank Sudsidies" preferring instead to pursue the Desalination Option which would cost in excess of 1 Billion Dollars against a Water Tank , recycling and reduction on water pressure as is being done in Brisbane which would be a fraction of the Desalination Cost.
 Further DAVID CAMPBELL is stating that a Desalination plant would be be run on 100 % Renewable Energy. Another report  states that is doubtful that sufficent Renewable Energy is available for this purpose.
 Enquiries I have made of C/info List Members shows that most areas of the North Coast are already ol Levels 4 or 5 Water Restrictions. Does the Govt. intend to deasalinate the whole North Coastline in order to sustain the latest proposals for a population explosion.
The infrastructure for these areas is not there now , what will happen in the future is in the lap of the Gods.
Some councils on the North Coast are giving Water Tank Rebates as a local initiative. No support from the Govt. on the far North Coast.
This with other issues should do the Iemma Govt. a lot of harm at the Ballot Box in March.

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