Political Attention Deficit Disorder – New Psychiatric Condition


Reached by phone, Dr. Aaron Gestaltstein, a Council member and psychiatrist with the Michigan Institute for the Study of Individual and Societal Health, said the AMA proposal will help raise awareness and called it “the right thing to do if the United States is ever to regain effective government and equitable public policies.”  “Sick Americans deserve compassionate treatment if our country is to survive – PADD is no joke,” he added.


“I saw a college-educated man last month who was so depressed about the Bush Administration – yet he could no longer read newspapers, watch cable news shows or visit news and commentary websites.  He was spending virtually all of his non-work time visiting pornography websites and eating at Chinese buffets,” Gestaltstein said. “He is a terrible mess and swears he will never vote again.”


The challenge for psychiatrists treating PADD patients, as noted in the Council’s report, is to help Americans fully integrate political attention into their lives.  Their discomfort and hopelessness must be changed into positive behaviors.  Friends and relatives of PADD victims are urged to get them to join public interest groups working for the betterment of American government and society, such as Friends of the Article V Convention at www.foavc.org.


[Joel S. Hirschhorn’s new book is Delusional Democracy www.delusionaldemocracy.com; he is a founder of Friends of the Article V Convention www.foavc.org.]

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