Record January temperatures hit NSW


Volatile temperatures only slightly above average: Lacy said
although temperatures had been volatile, the average at Griffith from
October 15 to the end of December at 20 degrees had been only slightly
above the long-term average of 19.7.

Local irrigation approaches channel capacity, evaporation rates range from 10 to 16 mm per day:
Murray Irrigation general manager George Warne said hot weather and
high evaporation has caused local irrigation demand to approach channel
capacity for the first time in four years. He said there had been three
days with temperatures above 40 degrees in the week and evaporation
rates at the Tullakool and Finley weather stations had ranged between
10 and 16mm a day for the past fortnight.

Cattle feedlots unaffected by heat: Australian Lot Feeders
Association president Malcolm Foster said he had not heard of any
problem in cattle feedlots because of the heat.

The Land, 5/1/2006, p. 8

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