US and Australia diverge on solar power


What a amazing world we live in. I sure hope you can make some sense of
the above cause I sure can’t. You would think our Australian
politicians lived on another planet. I’m sure Canberra’s decision had
nothing to do with the AP6 Climate Conference where Australia opened
it’s door to selling nuclear fuels to who ever can pay.

As we
need another 40 TW or so of generating capacity by the end of this
century, we only need to build say 40,000 1GW nuclear plants to do the
job. Lots of Australian mined nuclear fuel to be sure. And it will be
so secure that no nuclear terrorist will ever get their hands on the
fuel rods. Well, maybe just one or two missing rods is an acceptable
loss. Wonder what the
terrorists will do with them??

Lets have a vote for your view of the future:

1) 2 or 3 nuclear reactors in EVERY major city or so. Say every 100 km2 or
so. Easy to visit cause they are so close to where you live.

2) Solar on you roof receiving energy from the Sun hanging in the sky.

Either way, yes it’s nuclear energy. I know which I feel safer about.
What about your vote?

All the best,
Greg Watson
Green and Gold Energy
Adelaide, South Australia
+61 408 843 089
Online SunBall discussion group

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