Southeast Qld gardeners up in arms as Brisbane Council grants pool owners permission to use hoses


Council afraid of legal action: But Brisbane Water and City
Business Committee chair John Campbell said swimming-pool and spa
owners had earned an exemption from increased water restrictions to
avoid causing damage to residents’ pools and subsequent litigation: “if
they don’t keep pools full of water, some of them can pop out or gain
significant structural damage from the pressure of the surrounding
ground, and that would have exposed councils to significant claims of
damage”, he said.

A “practical” decision: “I’m sure non-pool owners would question
why (they were not subject to harsher restrictions) but the councils
thought long and hard before they made this decision and it was purely
for a practical reason … for a very real financial reason,” he said.

Mayor takes different angle: But Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell
Newman said the move was designed to protect the assets of “normal
Queenslanders” and the pool industry. He urged pool owners to buy a
pool cover to reduce their water consumption.

The Courier Mail, 5/12/2005, p. 5

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