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The UN heard your call, OceanLover!


Richard Page, Greenpeace <>

12:52 AM (8 hours ago)

to me

You made it happen: after ten years of inconclusive talks, four days of deliberations at the United Nations and thousands of messages from #OceanLovers like you and me, on the 24th of January, governments from around the world agreed to develop a visionary treaty to protect marine life on the high seas. This historic decision is a major breakthrough towards urgently needed ocean protection, and a significant milestone in our decade-long campaign for the creation of a network of ocean sanctuaries covering 40% of the oceans.

Such progress would not have been possible without the passionate call for oceans protection from #OceanLovers from all over the world, who asked governments to say YES! to a High Seas Biodiversity Agreement. When raised in unison, Ocean Lovers’ voices became an irresistible force, reminding the UN delegates that the world expected them to take urgent action for ocean protection, and giving our champions the strength to convince the handful of powerful countries that had been opposing the agreement for years.

Good news for ocean lovers

The journey is far from over though; while it is a massive achievement for the UN to have finally kickstarted this process, they failed to set a deadline for the adoption of the agreement. As with any international agreement, particularly one governing such a vast and precious part of the planet, there are several important steps between this first milestone and securing the protection we all want. Along the way, details will be negotiated, trade-offs agreed and outcomes delayed. Arguments are bound to be fierce, given what’s at stake. Without an ambitious, time-bound process, negotiations could go on forever… while our oceans continue to be in crisis.

Having seen how hard most states fought to protect the high seas, we are confident that they will continue to champion greater and faster protection in the process ahead. Nonetheless, we #OceanLovers need to keep up the pressure and make the most of this momentous ‘Wave of Change’ we have started together. Lengthy and time-consuming as it will no doubt be, we must keep an eye on the political process to ensure the strongest and quickest outcome possible for the high seas.

While we follow the political process, you can help strengthen the Ocean Lovers community: share the petition for ocean sanctuaries, make – and keep! – your #OceanLovers resolutions, and let the world know you’re proud to be part of the oceans movement that US Secretary of State John Kerry famously referred to as, “A hard-ass group of folks!”

Much love,
Richard Page
#OceanLover and Greenpeace campaigner

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