UK pushes for local rather than centralised power plants


easures to provide more low-carbon energy in the British Government’s energy review included looking at how to produce energy locally rather than at centralised power plants, reported The Independent Online Edition on Wednesday, 12 July.

Micro-generation techniques to be encouraged: The report said another recommendation was to encourage micro-generation techniques such as household wind turbines or solar panels.

Increase in renewables obligations: Others were:

• an increase in the renewables obligation, forcing energy suppliers to buy more electricity from renewable sources;

• extra incentives for emerging technologies such as tidal power; and

• more work on the technique known as carbon capture and storage, which removed carbon dioxide (C02) from power station emissions and buries it underground.

But fossil fuels are not being ignored: The report said that even while striving for a low-carbon future, the Government was also looking to secure future supplies of Britain’s own fossil fuels.

Coal forum being convened: The Government was convening a coal forum to examine the long-term future of United Kingdom coal production and coal-fired power. It was also taking a new look at how to make the most of remaining supplies of North Sea oil – and the more difficult-to-access oil reserves west of Shetland on the so-called Atlantic Frontier.

Reference: Digest of latest news reported on website of Climate Change Secretariat of United Nations Framework on Climate Change Control (UNFCCC). 12 July. Address: PO Box 260 124, D-53153 Bonn. Germany. Phone: : (49-228) 815-1005, Fax: (49-228) 815-1999. Email:

Erisk Net, 13/7/2006

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