Video: Christmas message from Tim Flannery

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Video: Christmas message from Tim Flannery


Tim Flannery – Climate Council via 

2:14 PM (2 hours ago)

to me
Dear Inga,

I thought my professional training and experience had prepared me for almost anything, but wearing an ugly jumper in a Christmas video message to to thousands of Australians frankly wasn’t one of them!  It’s a small token of how much I appreciate all our supporters, as well as a testament to just how persuasive my staff can be.


Before we break for the year, I wanted to take time out to communicate back to you, our supporters, about what we’ve achieved, where we’re headed – and most importantly, to say thanks.

We’re shaping the conversation each and every day, keeping climate change on the agenda and forging a way ahead despite well-funded opposition from vested interests and obstruction from those who should know better.

In our first year since the Abbott Government sacked us, probably in the hope that we’d quietly slink away, we’ve instead published 31 pieces of communication, done media interviews for 13,000 stories and reached a cumulative total of 170 million people with our information.

And we know we’re making a difference. New public opinion polling out this week shows a huge jump in belief that climate change and extreme weather are related. We’ve been the only group continuously communicating the link between climate change and extreme weather through a strong media campaign all year.

If you can spare a few dollars this Christmas, your support will ensure we can keep vital  information about climate change squarely on our nation’s agenda in the critical year ahead.

In spite of every challenge we’ve faced, I actually believe this year has been a breakthrough. But we can’t afford to sit back now and hope for the best.  As the rallying cry goes, to change everything, we need everyone.

From all of us here at the Climate Council, thank you for being with us. Your support means everything.


Tim Flannery
Chief Climate Councillor

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