We’ve finally had a breakthrough Labor

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We’ve finally had a breakthrough


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12:48 PM (1 hour ago)

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Neville —

We’ve got a chance.

You and I know that Australians don’t want the Liberals’ unfair $100,000 degrees. Their plan would mean the americanisation of our universities and stop everyday Australians from being able to study.

Neville, you are one of the 117,193 people who stood up and added your name to say no debt sentence to the Liberals.

That’s why I wanted to tell you that this morning we’ve finally had a breakthrough.

Media reports out this morning say that the new Education Minister Simon Birmingham has said he’s considering the future of the plan. He told the media that “we must make sure that we… talk to the crossbenchers as well as the university sector, business and industry and see what they all accept as being priorities.”

So let’s talk to Simon Birmingham. Let’s tell him that Australians don’t want see $100,000 degrees and students saddled with a lifetime of debt.

I’ll be out talking to the media this morning, but can you make a quick call to Simon Birmingham and say you don’t want $100,000 degrees? Click here to get his phone number and some points you can use on the call.

This is one of the best opportunities we will have to make it clear to these Liberals that Australians want their plan dumped for good.

With the Minister saying he wants to talk to stakeholders, let’s make him talk to the most important stakeholder — Australian voters. Make a quick call to his office here.

Together we can make our voices heard and we can stand up against this unfair plan for $100,000 degrees.

Thanks for your support,

Amanda Rishworth
Shadow Assistant Minister for Higher Education

P.S. Labor has launched it’s positive plan for universities in stark contrast to their $100,000 degrees. You can read it here to see what the Liberals should be doing with higher education.

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