Greenhouse emissions rising


Greenhouse emissions out of control: Ric Brazzale, Executive
Director of the Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy, the
peak industry association for sustainable energy in Australia, said the
latest forecasts on greenhouse emissions show they are escalating out
of control.

Efficiency the most cost effective solution: “Energy efficiency
is the most cost effective form of greenhouse gas abatement available,”
Brazzale said. “As a result we are moving to a new phase in energy and
greenhouse policy. Efficiencies are being sought for more and more
products and equipment, and lighter regulations are becoming more

Efficiencies improve bottom line: “It is inevitable that
Australian businesses will be competing in a carbon constrained economy
in the future. Those companies that implement energy efficiency
strategies now are not only improving their bottom line but also
preparing themselves for the opportunities of the future,” Brazzale

Government schemes save consumer money and reduce emissions:
“The New South Wales Government’s Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme and
Energy Savings Fund are examples of measures already in place that
reward energy reduction and greenhouse gas abatement. These schemes are
driving innovation and at the same time saving consumer’s money up
front and in the long term, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions,”
Brazzale said.

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Erisk Net, 23/11/2005

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